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The Performing Paper and how it works

Loans and borrowing is not nearly as flexible and easy as it seems. It isn’t just about getting your application approved and availing the money, you have ensure that the amount you have borrowed will be flexible and convenient to pay off. If you are counting on luck, chances, or better future prospects, you are […]

Mortgage Notes are the Best way to attain Investment Security

Investing in mortgage notes can give you a great benefit in terms of investment security, redeemable profits and great financial stability as well as relaxed payback schedules. Real Estate is ndeed the most turbulent and the most rapidly changing market in the world. Every good news has a bad news following hot in its trails, […]

Fixed Income Mortgage : What is it and why is it beneficial?

What does the term fixed income imply? It refers to an investment that comes with a fixed-rate payback policy for a fixed duration of time. Bonds are the most popular and widely used fixed income investment method, and they are issued by the Federal, Provincial and Municipal governments, and even the Federal Crown Corporations. Most […]

Everything you need to know about mortgage notes!

There are various efficiently risk geared and easy methods for real estate investors to access cash with the help of tax-advantaged IRAs, and indeed, mortgage-backed notes or deeds of trust, are the most popular, widely used and most reliable of all these methods. If you want to step into the real estate investment business, or […]

An Interactive Talk about the Capital Markets

With the evolution of financial marketing and investment, the lending and borrowing business has welcomed the emergence of new markets that facilitate and benefit selling and buying financial equities and instruments. Capital markets play a vital role in the productive and effective functioning of an economy, because needless to say, capital is the essence of […]

A Comprehensive guide about Non-Performing paper and its cause

When you apply for a bank loan, there are certain terms and conditions laid out to outline your payback plan and ensure that you are able to return your loan payments and the given interest rates regularly and on time. However, in certain cases borrowers fail to repay their loans according to the prepared payback […]

5 Reasons Owners Offer Seller Financing

Why would a seller allow a buyer to make payments over time for the purchase of property? Wouldn’t the seller rather get paid now and require the buyer to obtain a bank loan? Here are 5 reasons property owners offer seller financing: 1. Reduced Marketing Times What is the first thing a real estate agent […]

Safekeeping the Original Mortgage Note

Can you easily locate the original mortgage note? This important legal document should be kept in a safe place, and here is why! The promissory note is a promise to pay or IOU from the property buyer. It spells out the amount due and terms of repayment. In legal jargon it is known as a […]

Avoid Three Seller Financing Mistakes

Would you rather have $97,000 to sell your $100,000 note or only $80,000? The difference in usually comes down to the big three. Here’s the three biggest mistakes note sellers make and how to avoid flushing money down the drain. Mistake #1 – Failing to Check Credit The payer’s credit report lets you know how […]

Seller Financing – How Much Can The Buyer Afford?

Seller Financing is great for people who cannot afford traditional mortgages abd allows an investor to maximize his lending reach. The last thing a seller wants is to stress over receiving monthly payments or worse, getting the property back through foreclosure. 3 Ways to Calculate Payment Affordability Before Accepting Seller Financing The amount a buyer […]