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We are Tax and Homes

Tax & Homes Going Beyond Profits

Our doors first opened on March 2007 Serving the communities around the South Florida and New Jersey.

Since then we have expanded into the company we are today.

We offer a broad range of Services !

  • Individual and Business Tax Preparation (All types of returns)

We also Offer:

  • Strategic year round tax planning

We also offer:

  • Payroll Tax filing for businesses of all sizes

In addition, If you are facing Personal or Corporate Tax Problems,

We have the knowledge and experience to provide complete representation and local taxing authorities before the IRS,State and law protection of …

We are in the business of Buying,Selling,Brokering

  • Land Contracts
  • Mortgages
  • Deeds of Trust
  • And Other sources of payment commonly referred to as “Notes”

With a combined 20 plus and counting years of tax and real estate experience.

We are well poised to build upon our proven successful track record.

Being the professionals That you can trust and rely on !

Tax and Homes also does lending to real estate investors looking for financing on Single Family Residentials, Commercial Real Estate and Mortgage Notes.

We are Hard Money Loan Mortgage Brokers and can provide you with many options.

We work with a lot of banks and investors so we can broker the best hard money loans deal for you!

The requirements to be a licensed mortgage broker are tougher and require more education and experience that a mortgage banker.

As a hard money mortgage broker, when a bank or investor says no, we can go to another bank or investor in our large list possibilities until we hear yes! You are not limited to one set of guidelines that a borrower must meet as you would when you work with a Mortgage Banker. Instead, we have a wide list of different mortgage programs available.

Why Should you consider us?

  • We follow High standards!
  • We are Credible
  • Quick Serving
  • Competitive
  • Reliable
  • Strategic
  • Flexible and Confidential

We strive to be better for you.

Contact Us today: